At Money Tools we are passionate about client care and delivering the highest possible level of service. So that our clients know what experience they can expect from us, we offer the following commitments to each of our clients:

  • finplanWe value our clients as people first and are interested in understanding about them and their interests
  • We will make the greatest effort we can to understand our clients current lifestyle, their values and life goals before recommending any financial strategies
  • We create investment strategies specifically designed to be appropriate to our clients objective
  • We offer guidance based upon our professional expertise of helping clients achieve their goals
  • We strive to be readily available to provide information and assist our clients
  • We will regularly and systematically monitor each client’s investment portfolio. We are not discretionary fund managers and only offer an advisory service
  • We are available to communicate with clients face to face, over the telephone or via email at whatever frequency is most comfortable for the client
  • We encourage our clients to share their opinions, concerns and fears. We aim to be open in all our communication with our clients and welcome feedback
  • We maintain the highest standards of ethics and responsibility



Above all, we encourage our clients to let us know if we ever fall short of their expectations in any way.