Money Tools is committed to encouraging regulated financial advisers to undertake pro bono financial advice.

At Money Tools we don’t believe in or support “free advice’. As in all walks of life, nothing is free, and everything comes at a cost, it’s just that those costs are not always obvious. By the time you are made aware of the costs very often you are so far into a “process’ that backtracking is not an easy option to take.

Therefore, our pro bono work is taken out entirely at our own expense, which no advice cost to the client.

It is aimed specifically at individuals, charities and community interest groups who might usually need quality advice, but often shy away from it due to the associated costs involved.

We aim to dedicate 10% of our capacity towards pro bono work.

Our approach in considering, accepting and undertaking specific requests for pro bono work must follow our client inception procedures including assessing actual or potential conflicts of interest and availability of appropriate expertise, resourcing capacity and time constraints.

Date: 21 July 2021
Signed: Paul Clarke