We are sure you are well aware that sound advice is never free and it never has been. Any “free advice” is usually part of a packaged sales process paid for by commission. If not, how would the business make its money? Unless it is a registered charity of course!

As a provider of fee based financial planning and wealth management our remuneration is directly tied to our clients success. By working on a fee basis we remain true to our values of offering transparent, sound advice which is free from conflicts of interest.

We provide financial planning and wealth management and our fees are typically 1% of the funds under management each year. In some cases we may also charge an initial fee depending upon the size of the portfolio and the work involved.

Is there any value from financial advice?

At Money Tools we think the value from financial advice which is and measurable.

Sound financial advice can only come from an independent. Independent in the sense of a person other than you, and without any emotional attachment who can challenge your thinking, help you achieve clarity around what it is  that makes  money to you. To help define what your real passions are in life and help put a plan in place which will get you  closer to your goals along with managing your assets to create a successful investment experience.

If you are not experiencing this from an existing adviser and are therefore looking to change, or if you are looking to work with an adviser for the first time it is important to find an adviser who you feel comfortable working with both now and into the future.

What’s the cost:

We see initial meetings with potential new clients as a gift. An opportunity to explore if there is overlap in what we are both looking for and therefore the cost of this meeting is at our expense.

Once a new client has decided to instruct us as their adviser the cost of our service is 1% per year of the funds under management. With some cases we may also charge an initial fee but in all cases only after this has been agreed and auctioned by you.

What’s in it for me:

Financial piece of mind which comes from the knowledge that you are taking action towards achieving what you desire from life.

Sound financial advice leading to a successful investment experience.