About Us

Know Us

MoneyTools brings together some of the sharpest financial minds, each with many years of experience in financial services. MoneyTools was founded by Paul Clarke. Paul has a passion for simplifying the complicated, and enjoys nothing more than helping private individuals and their families make the best choices in life and financial matters.

Having spent his entire career advising clients in financial services since 1994, in 2012 Paul decided to set up his own leading wealth management and financial planning firm (Money Tools) to continue sharing his wisdom.

Even the most complicated of funding systems do not hold any mystery for MoneyTools. We have an unrivalled professional background with conventional and alternative finance systems. We are dedicated to delivering total client care and a successful investment experience.

"At Money Tools our values are Choice, Responsibility and Transparency."

- Paul Clarke

Our Mission

We feel passionate about helping our clients use their wealth to achieve what they desire. Our goal is to help empower our clients to make wise decisions about their money; so that they can realise their financial goals, preserve the financial benefits attained from a lifetime of work and spend time pursuing their real passions in life.

By delivering true independent financial advice, Money Tools strive to re-address the balance between some of the neutral or negative experiences people might have felt when instructing or working with a financial adviser or wealth manager in the past.


– there is choice in every action and decision that we take with our life and our finances.
– we are all individually responsible for the life we have chosen to lead. We are all responsible for the outcomes of our decisions and actions. At Money Tools we take our responsibility to look after our clients seriously.

– trust between client and adviser can only be achieved by clear, transparent and open communication. At Money Tools we are passionate about being transparent in all our dealings with you, and appreciate the same in return.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a financial services firm as unique as the individuals and families we serve, transforming lives, businesses and communities through the power of personal relationships and professional advice.